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Capitalise on an £11 billion Industry with Emergency Services Tenders

22nd April 2022

Help to save more lives by winning emergency services tenders

Emergency service tenders play an important role in healthcare procurement. Indeed, according to Ibis World, the British ambulance industry is worth more £11 billion. Alongside this, the British emergency services purchase £1.2 billion worth of services and goods annually.

This data ultimately means that emergency services tenders represent a lucrative opportunity for business growth and expansion. Luckily, you’ve found Healthcare Tenders. With our insights, you’ll find tips around the tendering process, and grow more confident when tackling emergency services tenders.

The industry can cover anything, including:

Where can I find emergency services tenders?

Healthcare Tenders

If your business would benefit from bidding for emergency service contracts, then our Healthcare Tender portal is here to help.

Unlike other portals, we don’t use CPV codes. Our Opportunity Trackers manually scour hundreds of websites every day. When they find new healthcare contracts, they upload them to Healthcare Tenders using industry-focused keywords. With your subscription, you can find all these opportunities from hundreds of portals, in one place.

What’s more, we will assign you a dedicated Account Manager to manage your subscription. They will be on hand to answer your tendering or portal-related queries. You will also receive a daily email bulletin straight to your inbox. This will contain contracts for healthcare services found that day.

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Below are previous emergency services tenders sourced on our portal:

 CP2151-21 Emergency Beds for Care Leavers Experiencing Homelessness

Devon County Council – South West – Budget: £35,000

Emergency Care Response Service

Hampshire County Council – South East – Budget: £300,000

West Midlands Out of Hours Urgent Dental Care Service Based in Birmingham

NHS England and Improvement – Midlands – West Midlands – Budget: £600,000

PRJ1075 – Urgent Treatment Centres – Bromley – Market Engagement Questionnaire (MEQ)

NEL Commissioning Support Unit – London – Budget: £6,500,000

The Provision of Integrated Urgent Care Services on Behalf of the South West London Integrated Care System

NHS Shared Business Services – London – Budget: £81,872,366

The tendering process for emergency services contracts

Although each emergency service may practice a slightly different procurement process, there are generally unifying documents. When you’re tendering for contracts, you need to know what the process will look like. Knowing what’s ahead will help you prepare your tender documents.


A Prior Information Notice (PIN), this is where the purchasing authority states their intention for goods/services. This could be issued up to 12-months in advance.


The Selection Questionnaire is produced for suppliers to complete. This would cover the basic and intermediary requirements of the supplier. This process ensures that only suitable suppliers progress to the next stage.


Once the supplier has been successful with the SQ, they will go on to the invitation to tender stage (ITT). Arguably, this is the heart of most emergency service tenders, as it’s where you’ll do the most work. The main way this document will be evaluated is by selecting the MEAT (Most Economically Advantageous Tender).

Evaluation criteria can be tricky to understand but MEAT is relatively simple. The idea is that the purchasing authority is looking for the lowest priced tender that still upholds the quality requirements.

Who commissions emergency service contracts?

Each of the emergency services shapes its procurement policy around the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. However, this doesn’t mean that their procurement structures are the same…

Ambulance Service

For the ambulance service, the procurement authority is generally Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). These groups exist on a regional level to keep procurement tight, cost-effective and relevant to the area.

Fire Service

Across the U.K, all 45 fires and rescue services (FRS’) perform their own procurement. These services are in turn are advised by Fire and Rescue Authorities, which help them procure goods and services.

Police Service

Each of the 43 police services in England and Wales procure their own goods and services. However, 25 of these forces have entered into collaborative agreements with each other, which help cost-savings and ensure effective procurement. The Home Office further ensures effective spending, acting in a support role to help procurement.

In summary

So, we’ve reached the conclusion to this blog on emergency service tenders. Now you’ve got all the information you need to bid for these contracts. What if you’re still unsure about writing an emergency services tender?

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