Domiciliary Care Tenders

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Our Opportunity Tracking team source Domiciliary Care tenders & leads manually, before categorising the opportunities all in one place using industry-driven keywords.

Opportunity tracking never was so easy, efficient and tailored.

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Examples of the Domiciliary Care Tenders we Source

New domiciliary care package in Hamsterley DL13 3QG

Durham County Council- North East- Budget: Undisclosed



Individual domiciliary care package in Great Stainton

Durham County Council- North East- Budget: undisclosed



The provision of Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System for Domiciliary Care Services in Knowsley, Liverpool & Sefton

Knowsley Council- North West- Budget: Undisclosed



New domiciliary care package in Barnard Castle DL12 8GD

Durham County Council- North East- Budget: Undisclosed



New domiciliary care package in Great Stainton TS21 1NG

Durham County Council- North East- Budget: Undisclosed



New domiciliary care package in Barnard Castle DL12 8GD

Durham County Council- North East- Budget: Undisclosed



Opportunity To Join The Existing Framework Of Approved Suppliers For The Provision Of Domiciliary Care Services Start 1st September 2020

St.Helens Council- North West- Budget: Undisclosed



Individual Service Fund Provider List – Home Support Round 2

Bradford Metropolitan District Council- Yorkshire and Humber- Budget: Undisclosed



New care package in Pity Me DH1 5DT

Durham County Council- North East- Budget: Undisclosed



Please note this is only a small selection of examples.

We also source healthcare business leads for sub-sectors including Domiciliary Care TendersMedical PPESocial Care Contracts, Medical Supplies and many more.

Hudson’s Healthcare Tenders portal brings you a huge variety of healthcare-related tenders, suitable for your organisation.

Our dedicated in-house opportunity trackers manually search thousands of opportunities daily.

Through our Healthcare Tenders portal, we provide you with the latest, most relevant and current contract opportunities, including Domiciliary Care tenders.

There is a huge variety of Domiciliary Care tenders available through our Healthcare Tenders portal.

These are suitable for organisations of all sizes, including independent carers, micro-businesses, small-to-medium-Enterprises (SMEs) and care agencies with hundreds of staff.

You can find Domiciliary Care Tenders for services including:

  • Home support
  • Home care
  • Specialist accommodation
  • Supported living
  • Respite services
  • Early intervention services
  • Social care
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Personal care
  • Supported living accommodation services for children, young people and adults with varying needs
  • Residential and nursing care for older people
  • Supporting young people into independent living

The scope for contracts in this area is incredibly wide.

New opportunities are available on a daily basis, within our Healthcare Tenders portal.

Here, you can use our simple search and filter function.

This will enable you to quickly find Domiciliary Care tenders which are suitable for your organisation. You can search by region, contract value, sector and more.

Domiciliary Care tenders are available through a number of different contract types. This will give your organisation flexibility in the tendering process. For example, you can tender for:

  • A standalone contract
  • A Framework Agreement
  • A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

To be awarded a Domiciliary Care tender, you must pass a number of stages. These stages include:

  • A Selection Questionnaire (SQ)

  • Quality or Technical Responses

  • Pricing proposals

Initially, you must pass all sections within the SQ, demonstrating how your organisation meets the buyer’s requirements.

This may include providing evidence of:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Any certifications and qualifications
  • Insurance
  • Your organisation’s finances

A contract for a small care home may only require a single contract tender. However, a Local Authority may procure via a Framework, which is divided into Lots (or services / areas). Through Lots, you can provide your organisation’s specific services.

For example, a buyer may designate floating care support as one Lot, and specialist accommodation as another.

Lots are often divided into areas or wider regions. This depends on the scale of services required by the buyer.

There are Domiciliary Care tenders available across the country. Contract budgets can range from thousands to millions of pounds. This is dependent on the scope of the buyer’s requirements.

Domiciliary Care within the public sector is highly regulated. This is because care must meet particular standards.

Additionally, the public sector is accountable for how it spends public money. NHS, Local Authorities and Councils will, therefore, tender through ‘public sector procurement’ routes.

Many contracts will require your organisation to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Your organisation will be expected to be familiar with CQC fundamental standards.

Additionally, staff providing care must undergo clear vetting protocols such as liaising with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Opportunities for Domiciliary Care tenders require different levels of training and certification. Staff may need to have achieved The Care Certificate prior to providing services. Buyers may often require evidence of ongoing training and development within this sector.

Our Healthcare Tenders portal subscription will bring you a wide range of Domiciliary Care tenders.

The portal will save your organisation time and money – you no longer need to search across the internet.

With your subscription, we send you brand new, relevant opportunities straight to your inbox every single day. And if you have any questions, your dedicated Account Manager will be on hand.

They will answer any questions you may have about the portal or tendering. 

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