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Mental Health Tenders

Mental Health Social Worker With AMHP Status KB150721
    • Buyer: Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
    • Location: West Midlands
    • Budget: £222,000
Psychiatric Intensive-Care Unit
    • Buyer: Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust
    • Location: West Midlands
    • Budget: £100,000
BHCC BCG Youth Led Grants Programme 2021-2022 (Round 4)
    • Buyer: BHCC Children's Services
    • Location: South East
    • Budget: £110,000
Dual Diagnosis Service – Alcohol, Drugs & Mental Health Pathway (ASC 2021 024) V1
    • Buyer: London Borough of Brent
    • Location: London
    • Budget: £1,200,000
Mental Health & Wellbeing Worker Service
    • Buyer: NHS Lanarkshire
    • Location: Scotland
    • Budget: £3,025,000
Southampton Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Service
    • Buyer: NHS South of England Procurement Services
    • Location: South East
    • Budget: £22,327,612
BCP Treatment System – Adults & Young People
    • Buyer: Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole Council
    • Location: South West
    • Budget: £28,190,750
Mental Health Accommodation Pathway Services
    • Buyer: Islington Council
    • Location: London
    • Budget: £29,636,061
Mental Health Supported Accommodation Services
    • Buyer: Harrow Council
    • Location: London
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Perinatal Mental Health Peer Support Service – Market Engagement
    • Buyer: London Borough of Camden Council
    • Location: London
    • Budget: Undisclosed
GLA- 27220 Rough Sleeping & Mental Health Programme (RAMHP)
    • Buyer: Transport for London
    • Location: London
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Adult & CYP Counselling Sessions
    • Buyer: NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership-Procurement Services (Hosted by Velindre University NHS Trust)
    • Location: Wales
    • Budget: Undisclosed
HDD-ITT-47706 – Counselling Services – North Ceredigion
    • Buyer: NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership-Procurement Services (Hosted by Velindre University NHS Trust)
    • Location: Wales
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Occupational Therapy Soft Market Test
    • Buyer: Wirral Borough Council
    • Location: North West
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Ethnic Minority Health Improvement & Inequalities Programme
    • Buyer: Wirral Borough Council
    • Location: North West
    • Budget: Undisclosed
People With Mental Illness With No Recourse to Public Funds
    • Buyer: Sheffield City Council
    • Location: Yorkshire
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Accommodation-Based Mental Health Services for Craven District
    • Buyer: Craven District Council
    • Location: Yorkshire
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Supporting Sport to Build Better Mental Health & Wellbeing Support
    • Buyer: CPD – Supplies & Services Division
    • Location: Northern Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed
County Durham Mental Health & Wellbeing Alliance
    • Buyer: Durham County Council
    • Location: North East
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Dementia Advisory Service
    • Buyer: Hartlepool Borough Council
    • Location: North East
    • Budget: Undisclosed

Please note, this is only a small selection of the tenders we have on our portal.

We source opportunities to bid for supported living tendersmedical supplies tendersmedical equipment tenders and many more.

Healthcare Tenders helps you find opportunities to bid for mental health contracts.

Our dedicated in-house team of Opportunity Trackers manually search hundreds of sites daily for mental health tenders.

Through our Healthcare Tenders portal, we can provide you with the latest, most relevant mental health tendering opportunities.

Hudson’s Discover Team will find tendering opportunities and categorise them based on keywords, locations, sectors and budgets.

Our intuitive keyword search tool removes the complex and often misleading issue of CPV codes, meaning that you are only presented with the specific healthcare contracts (i.e, mental health tenders) that you want to see. Saving your business time, resources and, most importantly, money!

The primary buyers of mental health services are councils and local authorities across the UK.

This is because it is the legal responsibility of local authorities to care for and enhance the wellbeing of their constituents.

Public healthcare yearly spending budgets in the UK are in the billions, continuing to rise year on year.

If you would like to see our live portal and start your free trial today, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Discover Team, who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Mental Health Frameworks & DPS Registers

Contract notices will, more often than not, appear in the form of frameworks or DPS registers.

This is because a council needs multiple providers to be able to look after all service users in their designated area.

DPS registers are active for several years and, if you are unsuccessful, you can reapply. Frameworks have set deadlines, like single-supplier contracts, but multiple suppliers will be successful.

As the discussion on mental health within the UK has grown within recent years, more tendering opportunities have become available via the public procurement process.

This is due to the fact that more people are attempting to access community mental health services.

We foresee an increase in this upward trajectory as mental health issues are more widely accepted and people are more willing to open up and explore their issues.

The NHS and leading mental health charities predict that this trajectory will rocket in the fall out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As many suffer through economic and social hardships, the likes of Mind and Mental Health UK expect the need for mental health services to rise dramatically.

Our in-house Opportunity Trackers are already beginning to see an increase in mental health tenders appear on our Healthcare Tenders portal.

Let Healthcare Tenders help you – we will make sure you stay ahead of the game by notifying you of all current mental health tenders.

Opportunities for mental health tenders are available across the UK and Ireland, from the bottom of Wales to Northern Scotland. It is likely that there will be a suitable tender opportunity near you.

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