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Medical Equipment Tenders

Maintenance for Optistar Elite Injectors
    • Buyer: Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
    • Location: London
    • Budget: £13,000
The Supply of Defibrillators
    • Buyer: Birmingham 2022
    • Location: West Midlands
    • Budget: £40,000
Thoracic Instruments
    • Buyer: NHS South West – Acutes
    • Location: South West
    • Budget: £55,000
Purchase of Microplate Bioanalyser
    • Buyer: Public Health England
    • Location: London
    • Budget: £110,000
Contract for the Supply, Delivery & Installation of Equipment for the Gait Lab
    • Buyer: Keele University Science & Business Park
    • Location: Yorkshire
    • Budget: £150,000
Ongoing Servicing & Support for Equipment at CPI’s Biologics Platform
    • Buyer: Health Service Executive (HSE)
    • Location: Republic of Ireland
    • Budget: £160,000
The Supply & Support of an Oxygen Concentrator
    • Buyer: Leidos Supply
    • Location: South West
    • Budget: £384,000
The Supply & Commissioning of Theatre Pendants
    • Buyer: Beaumont Hospital
    • Location: Republic of Ireland
    • Budget: £1,000,000
Pouch & Cylindrical Cell Production Equipment
    • Buyer: Swansea University
    • Location: Wales
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Servicing of Patient Hoists & Stairlifts
    • Buyer: Pembrokeshire County Council
    • Location: Wales
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Ready Made Orthoses
    • Buyer: Shropshire Healthcare Procurement Service
    • Location: West Midlands
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Pneumatic Six-Use Day Tourniquet Cuffs
    • Buyer: Shropshire Healthcare Procurement Service
    • Location: West Midlands
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Arrow Oncontrol Biopsy Needles
    • Buyer: Shropshire Healthcare Procurement Service
    • Location: West Midlands
    • Buyer: Undisclosed
Contrast Media & Barium
    • Buyer: East of England NHS Collaborative Hub c/o West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
    • Location: Eastern
    • Budget: £15,000,000
MEMS Maintenance Hologic Equipment
    • Buyer: MSE Group
    • Location: Eastern
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Swimming Pool Hoists
    • Buyer: Kirklees Council
    • Location: Yorkshire
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Inland Fisheries Ireland Requires the Supply Integen Test Kits
    • Buyer: Inland Fisheries Ireland
    • Location: Republic of Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Maintenance of Dental Equipment (Including Inhalation Sedation, Dental Hand Pieces, Dental X-Ray Equipment & Dental Disinfectors) [3169690]
    • Buyer: Procurement & Logistics Service
    • Location: Northern Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Ongoing Servicing & Support for Equipment at CPI’s Biologics Platform
    • Buyer: CPI
    • Location: North East
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Supply of a Dynamic Light Scattering System
    • Buyer: University of Dundee
    • Location: Scotland
    • Budget: Undisclosed

Please note, this is only a small selection of the tenders we have on our portal.

Healthcare Tenders allows you to access medical equipment tenders from across the UK.

Hudson’s Healthcare Tenders portal brings you a huge variety of healthcare-related tenders, suitable for your organisation. Our dedicated in-house Opportunity Trackers manually search hundreds of opportunities every day. Through our Healthcare Tenders portal, we provide you with the latest, most relevant and current contract opportunities.

There are a wide range of medical equipment tenders available through our Healthcare Tenders portal. These are suitable for organisations of varying sizes, specialities and levels of experience.

You can find medical equipment tenders for services including:

– Servicing and repair of medical equipment
– Provision of medical equipment and instruments
– Maintenance and calibration of equipment
– Medical engineering services.

The scope for medical equipment tenders includes, but is certainly not limited to:

– Operating tables
– Theatre lighting
– Trolleys, hatches and conveyor systems
– Orthopaedic powered instruments
– Robotic surgical systems
– Audiological equipment
– Pulmonary function equipment
– Biological evidence collection kits
– X-ray Imaging equipment
– Hygiene supplies
– Digital emergency equipment.

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Provision of face masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) is in particularly high demand from buyers.

This is due to the COVID-19 global pandemic to ensure that front-line staff are protected from infection.

The scope for contracts in this area is vast. New opportunities are available every day within our Healthcare Tenders portal.

Here, you can use our simple search and filter function. This will enable you to quickly find medical equipment tenders which are suitable for your organisation. You can search by region, contract value, contract type and more.

Medical equipment tenders are available through a number of different contract types. This will give your organisation flexibility in the tendering process. For example, you can tender for:

– A standalone contract
– A framework agreement
– A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

To be awarded a medical equipment tender contract, you must pass a number of stages. These stages include:

– A selection questionnaire (SQ)
– Quality or technical responses
– Pricing proposals.

Initially, you must pass all sections within the SQ, demonstrating how your organisation meets the buyer’s requirements. This may include providing evidence of:

– Certifications, qualifications and professional memberships which comply with buyer requirements
– Policies and procedures
– Insurance
– Your organisation’s finances
– Experience in the form of case studies
– References.

Through Lots, you can provide your organisation’s specific services. For example, one Lot may be specifically for provision of a medical instrument. Another Lot may be for medical instrument maintenance. Lots are often divided into areas or wider regions.

This depends on the scale of services required by the buyer.

There are medical equipment tenders available across the country. Contract budgets can range from thousands to millions of pounds. This is dependent on the scope of the buyer’s requirements.

Medical equipment tenders within the public sector are highly regulated. This is because the equipment provided must meet strict and rigorous standards. Additionally, the public sector is accountable for how it spends public money.

Local authorities and councils will, therefore, tender through public procurement. It is a highly transparent and fair procurement process.

Opportunities for medical equipment tenders require different levels of legislation and regulation.

You must ensure that you comply with UK Medical Device Regulations if you put medical devices onto the market for the first time.

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