Do You Know the Difference Between Public and Private Contracts for Healthcare Services?

Published1st April 2022

Are you looking for public or private sector contracts for healthcare services? That is the first question you need to answer.

Securing contracts for healthcare services can be tricky to navigate if you don’t know where to begin.

Ask yourself, what can you and your business offer? And do you meet the criteria the contract is asking for?

Answering these initial questions is the starting point when looking at contracts for healthcare services. In this blog, we will look at how to secure these contracts and explore the differences between the sectors.

What healthcare services can you tender for?

Healthcare Tenders are published by a variety of buyers both in the public and private sector. Ultimately, these organisations are seeking to procure healthcare services, goods or support for their constituents or service users.

Buyers procure healthcare services including:

However, there are a lot more services that buyers can procure. For example, women can seek IVF care and maternity care. Then there’s children’s healthcare to consider. Meaning tendering for contracts for healthcare services can vary in specialisms. This means that there is a broad range of contracts available. It’s important to establish what you’re looking for to make the tracking process more efficient.

What do you need to have in place to be able to tender for healthcare services?

Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, there will be limitations regarding securing some contracts. If you are intending to go for healthcare contracts, it is important you know what requirements the buyer has stipulated.

We recommend healthcare companies to be CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered before tendering for work. This shows to the buyer that you are legitimate, and will deliver a professional, high-quality service. In some instances, there will also be, Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ). PQQ’s are used by buyers to determine the suitability of suppliers tendering for their contracts. You will be required to complete the questionnaire alongside submitting evidence to validate your business. Buyers could also use a Selection Questionnaire (SQ). These are more liberal when it comes to the questions. No evidence is required, but you need to ‘self-certify’ why you are suitable.

The 5 main differences between private and public sector healthcare contracts:

Contracts for healthcare services can be procured in both the public and private sector.

  • With public contracts, buyers publish through the government, or public sector bodies, including the NHS. This means companies bid for the contracts, following the framework set out by the government.
  • A private contract for healthcare services is published directly by the buyers. They are open to all, and the guidelines can differ from each new contract.
  • Private contracts, tend to focus more on the budget above all, looking at who can deliver their services cost-effectively. Whereas public contracts will often focus on your quality responses also and whether you meet their requirements.
  • In the public sector, you’re guaranteed to be paid as per the Prompt Payment Code. The private sector is not bound by these regulations.
  • The public sector now places a 10% weighting on social value. This score evaluates how you’re helping to improve the local community, the environment and aid Covid recovery.

To summarise

Before diving into contracts for healthcare services, ensure you are ready with all the necessary requirements that will be considered. Think about what the buyer is asking and what it is that you can do better than others.

Ensure you have the correct accreditations to fit the contract. Are you CQC registered, or at least in the process of becoming so? Do you need to answer a PQQ or SQ? Planning ahead will enable you to prepare, giving you a better chance of winning healthcare contracts.

Healthcare Tenders

If your business would benefit from bidding on healthcare contracts, then our Healthcare Tender Portal is here to help.

Unlike other portals, we don’t use CPV codes. We have our Opportunity Trackers who physically scour portals every day. If they find new healthcare contracts, they then upload it to Healthcare Tenders. With your subscription, you could view all these opportunities from hundreds of portals, in one place.

What’s more, we will assign you a dedicated Account Manager to manage your subscription. They will be on hand to answer your tendering or portal-related queries. You will also receive a daily email bulletin straight to your inbox. This will contain contracts for healthcare services found that day.

Schedule a free live demo of Healthcare Tenders to see how the portal can help your business.

Below are previous healthcare tenders sourced on our portal:

Children and Young People Speech Therapy Services
Cheshire west and Chester Borough Council – North West – £1.9 Million

Domiciliary Care Package
Durham County Council – North East – Budget: Undisclosed

Early Years Assessment Provisions
Gloucestershire County Council – South West – Budget: Undisclosed

Residential Placements for Young Males
The Isle of Man Government – North West – Budget: Undisclosed

Acute Hospital Setting
London Borough of Hounslow – London – Budget: Undisclosed

We source healthcare business leads for sub-sectors including:

Want to save even more time?

Upgrading to Discover Elite can help you find more healthcare contracts – even when you’re busy! Our two upgraded packages are particularly useful if your business runs across two sectors such as Healthcare and Technology. A dedicated Account Manager will carefully consider which healthcare service contracts are most suitable for your business. This will help improve your bid success rate and improve your competitor awareness.

The Ultimate Time-Saving Tool offers your business:

  • An annual subscription to a maximum of two Discover portals of your choice.
  • Up to five bid breakdowns per month to help you make your bid or no-bid decisions.
  • Weekly phone calls with your Account Manager to discuss viable tendering opportunities.
  • Award and pre-market engagement notices monitored on your behalf.
  • Public and private buyer portal management. This includes registering, password management, downloading documents and assessing viability based on your bid strategy.

The Become a Pre-Bid Master package offers your business:

  • All the above.
  • Up to seven tender breakdowns per month.
  • The development of a bid strategy delivered by a Senior Bid Manager with a minimum of five years of experience. It will also be managed by our Global Bid Director.

For further information, contact us today.

Need help with a bid proposal?

Hudson Succeed is our sister company of expert bid writers who can handle the whole tendering process for you. So, if you have found a healthcare contract you would like to bid for, Hudson Succeed can help. Their tender support packages are designed to help your business succeed. Find out how our Bid Writers can support you on your tendering journey.

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