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Bid Writing is the perfect ad-hoc solution for businesses who don’t have the time or in-house resources to complete one-off bid responses.

Our team of professional bid writing consultants will work with you to create winning submissions. We are extremely confident in our ability to succeed.We recently saw our bid success rate increase from 83% to 87% and we don’t plan on stopping there.

As bid writing consultants, we work with numerous industries and businesses of varying sizes. We never claim to be experts in any one sector – we are experts in winning bids. If you are currently struggling to respond to a live tender, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for a free quote.

Based on a daily rate of £600+VAT

Bid Mentor is your second pair of eyes. We know from experience that an external analysis of your written responses could be the difference between a successful bid submission and a failed one.

Often when working closely on a project, small details are missed that could suggest a lack of attention to detail to the buyer. Let our team of tender writing consultants analyse and proofread your responses before pressing the submit button.

During this service, our team will scrupulously comb through your content to suggest areas that could be improved and highlight any errors that should be corrected.

This way you can submit your bid, knowing that points will not be deducted for small, human errors. Contact us today for a free quote and submit with confidence.

Starting from £900+VAT

Bid Ready is our unique programme, designed to ensure that you enter into the tendering process in the most advantageous position possible.

This service is intended for those who have never bided for work before. In our experience, businesses who begin bidding for contracts blindly may waste countless hours creating their bid responses to no success.

During the programme, our team of bid writing consultants will work with you to develop professional corporate literature including policies, procedures and case studies. And that’s not all.

Our team of Bid Designers will ensure that your literature is accurately presented in your company branding. Once the programme is complete, we won’t leave you to venture into the world of procurement alone.


Bid Improvement is the perfect solution for businesses who are already tendering for work but seeing little success. We understand the frustration of a failed submission that has drained numerous hours of in-house resources.

There are often simple solutions and small changes that can be made in order to increase your success rate. The Tender Improvement programme will begin with an in-depth analysis of your previous tender responses. Our tender writing consultants will then advise on any room for improvement.

During this programme, we will also assess your company’s important corporate literature. A full evaluation of both content and design will be completed. Following the results of this evaluation, our team of Writers and Bid Designers will update this content to ensure that your bids stand out.


Helping you prepare for future bids by supporting you with policy and process development.

The success of your bid comes from your upfront planning. We can help you develop a whole raft of policies and procedures in advance of your next tender, helping to speed up the production of your bids.

As part of this process, we’ll help you identify the most asked for policies / procedures in the tenders you want to bid for, helping you to be as prepared as possible.

Starting from only £250+vat per policy.

Struggling to understand what is needed for your tender submission?

We can help by ensuring you’re fully compliant. We will review all bidding documents, produce a bid plan and writing plan, help assign roles and responsibilities, gather content, policies and procedures needed, and even feedback on how well it matches the tender requirements.

The purpose of this support helps you to truly understand what is needed and how to maximise the points required from the buyer to succeed and secure the contract.

With decades of experience let us, help you, succeed.

Starting from £800+vat per bid.

Our Bid Manager service is for businesses needing full management of the tendering process. We will manage the entire process, from preparing the response to submitting the tender.

This service is beneficial for businesses who don’t have the capabilities in-house to dedicate time and resources to tender management. Plus, employing a dedicated bid manager can be expensive. Instead, you will have the support of an experienced bid manager, with a wider team of bid writers, coordinators and directors—all working towards helping you to secure your contract!

Get your bidding partner for only £5,000 per month.

Our Bid Designer service helps businesses like yours to win. We craft professionally designed proposals to ensure you always have the advantage against your competitors.

While our bid writing team can help ensure your proposals are technically impressive, our designers catch the buyer’s attention from the start.

With decades of design experience when it comes to submitting winning proposals, our team provide the complete bid proposal service.

Starting from £475+vat.


An easy to navigate and well populated tender portal. The Tender review process was a very valuable process to go ahead with.

The account managers are very quick at responding to any enquiry and always able to assist with learning more about the available tenders.

Warren Andrews

This service saves me a lot of time trawling through different procurement sites looking for suitable tenders. It also picks up some of the smaller tenders which are the ones I am really interested in. The only downside is that some of the tender advertisers make it particularly difficult to register interest but that would be the case anyway.


Amazing portal. Defo worth the money.