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Medical PPE Tenders

WCC – Supply of Clear/Transparent Face Masks
    • Buyer: Warwickshire County Council (WCC)
    • Location: West Midlands
    • Budget: £189,000
DoJ – NIPS – Supply & Delivery of Footwear 2021
    • Buyer: CPD – Supplies and Services Division
    • Location: Northern Ireland
    • Budget: £300,000
Uniform & PPE
    • Buyer: London Luton Airport
    • Location: Eastern
    • Budget: £750,000
The Supply of Common Captured Persons (CPERS) Kit
    • Buyer: Leidos Supply
    • Location: Republic of Ireland
    • Budget: £1,350,000
The Supply of Face Coverings
    • Buyer: Leidos Supply
    • Location: Republic of Ireland
    • Budget: £2,000,000
The Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Buyer: Leidos Supply
    • Location: South West
    • Budget: £9,300,000
Single Use PPE & Medical Protective Consumables
    • Buyer: Collaborative Procurement Partnership LLP (CPP LLP) Acting on Behalf of Supply Chain Coordination Ltd
    • Location: Wales
    • Budget: £5,000,000,000
Medical Examination Gloves & Surgical Gloves
    • Buyer: Collaborative Procurement Partnership LLP (CPP LLP) Acting on Behalf of Supply Chain Coordination Ltd
    • Location: London
    • Budget: £6,000,000,000
Supply of Cleaning Products & PPE, PSSC046, A745
    • Buyer: Swale Borough Council
    • Location: South East
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Supply of Personal Protective Equipment, Uniforms & Workwear
    • Buyer: Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council
    • Location: Wales
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Dynamic Purchasing System for Personal Protective Equipment
    • Buyer: North Lincolnshire Council
    • Location: East Midlands
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Personal Protective Equipment Supply Dynamic Purchasing System
    • Buyer: Nottingham City Council
    • Location: East Midlands
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Provision of Student Nurse Uniforms
    • Buyer: St. James’s Hospital
    • Location: Republic of Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed
DOJ NIPS Supply & Delivery of Personal Protection Equipment & Consumables 2021
    • Buyer: CPD – Supplies and Services Division
    • Location: Northern Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed

Please note, this is only a small selection of the tenders we have on our portal.

Healthcare Tenders brings the UK's medical PPE tenders to one central portal.

The medical and care industries are always going to need personal protective equipment (PPE) – arguably even more so in such unprecedented times.

After the COVID-19 crisis, the need for medical PPE has become all the more apparent, commonly finding its way into everyday discourse.

Indeed, shortages of PPE have quickly led to an increase in PPE tenders.

Finding PPE tenders is made possible through Healthcare Tenders, a one-stop-shop solution for all your tender opportunity tracking and tender identifying needs.

A crucial business development resource – PPE tenders, through our Healthcare Tenders portal, can help you identify opportunities for your business, whether you’re a first-time tenderer or complete submissions frequently.

Buyers, budgets and scopes vary massively, depending on the nature of the work they are undertaking.

Contracts might specify the need for PPE, such as gloves, aprons, face visors and respirator masks – to name a few – or a combination. Buyers for PPE tenders can span across the public and private sectors, from the likes of the NHS to smaller care firms seeking subcontractors.

As such, budgets can vary also, from multi-million-pound, national contracts to small, one-off opportunities reaching five figures.

Opportunities themselves may come in the form of winner-takes-all contracts, multi-supplier frameworks or Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS’).

Our portals are updated with opportunities daily by our Opportunity Trackers, ensuring that suitable PPE tenders are readily available for your business to review and make quick, easy bid/no-bid decisions.

This is made possible by the fact that all the tender documentation is just a click away, saving you the hassle of navigating through additional search results and, what seems like, a never-ending series of links and pages.

Once you’ve identified an opportunity, you can also make the most of our additional Hudson resources, courtesy of our sister company, Hudson Succeed.

Whatever level of support you may require, from answering simple FAQs via our Hudson Helpline (free of charge), first-time tendering tips via our Tender VLE service, or even our Tender Mentor guide and review service, Hudson Succeed can assist to support a successful submission.

Such services are spearheaded by our team of  experienced Bid Writers. The team boasts a bid success rate in excess of 87%, meaning you can rest assured that your tender is in good hands.

Alternatively, our team of Bid Writers can undertake the work directly, composing quality responses and even submitting the tender on your behalf.

During 2020, we developed a new tendering strategy to ensure that private and public sector buyers are using Healthcare Tenders to find suppliers for social care tenders.

This focused project will see busy business owners using us to obtain competitive quotes and using our portal to find trusted providers who are looking to take on new clients.

If you would like to see our live portal, please do not hesitate to contact our Hudson Discover Team, who will be happy to demo the live system.

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